Good things about Dublin – the sea air

Hallo there.  I have been a bit absent this last week (or two).  The main reason for this is because I lent my camera to a friend so he could take some pictures for a college project, and then I realised I couldn’t take any pictures for my planned post.  So I had to think of another post I could write with pictures I already have on my computer (it’s new, I hardly have any on it), and for some reason that took me about five days.  The other reason is I have been working more than usual, and thus have had less time to do stuff, like write a half-decent blog post.  Anyway, the best I could come up with is a post dedicated to where I currently live, specifically about the coastline (because that is all I have photo’s of).

I would love to say that the coast around Dublin inspires my crafty stuff, but truthfully it doesn’t.  That isn’t to say I’m not generally in love with the seaside, and all things seasidey, because I totally am.  I’ve loved going to the beach for as long as I can remember, and I used to relish even the tiniest glimpse of the sea on car journeys when I was younger.  Even if the sea currently doesn’t feature in any of  my card-making exploits as a theme or subject, I think a long walk gawping at the utter beauty of the sea and all of the seaside paraphernalia that accompanies it can be inspiration enough in itself.  It’s a great place to go to clear the head, have a nice long indulgent think about things, and just generally feel the bracing air give you a kick up the backside and make you appreciate being alive.

Looking towards Dublin from the sea

One of the many good things about Dublin is that it happens to be on the coast.  This is actually quite easy to forget in many ways, because the city centre is actually a mile or so inland.  However, despite having lived in and around this city for the past five years, I’d say I have only been to the coast properly a handful of times, and I’m not sure catching the ferry from Dun Laoghaire port actually counts!

Dun Laoghaire is sort of in that direction…

Nearby Bray was always a bit of a favourite to visit when I first was living here, as it was known for being a seaside town, and therefore seemed like the obvious place to go on any day that looked vaguely sunny.  However, more recently, and even better in some ways, a friend of mine took me on an epic walk that started just South-East of the city centre at Sandymount Strand beach, and ended up at a red lighthouse at the mouth of the River Liffey, where it meets the Irish sea.

There is the red light house, in the distance on the right…

The good thing about this walk is that it includes many of Dublin’s best geographical features, starting on the suburban roads of the city, passing through a park, beside the beach where there are views across the bay to the Wicklow mountains, around a nature reserve, behind Dublin’s iconic powerstation, alongside the port, and then out into the wilds of the Irish sea.  It is a rather long walk, and it made me crave fish and chips naturally enough, and, more randomly, a gin and tonic.  But I felt good afterwards!

Hello, I’m a big red lighthouse.

Poolbeg power station as seen from the beach


The good news now is that I have my camera back.  The less good news is that my ‘friend’ still has the USB cable, so I can’t upload any pictures anyway.  Oh well…

2 thoughts on “Good things about Dublin – the sea air

  1. Great photos! This year I’ve been out doing various walks on Dublin’s cliffs, beaches, piers, hills etc. I don’t know this route or even that red tower! Must check it out. The change in scenery really does inspire and the fresh air and exercise clears the cobwebs so design ideas can flow.

    • This was a really nice walk, we started it a little further up from Sandymount strand really, you walk along a road by the Irishtown nature reserve and then around Poolbeg powerstation until you come out on the sea wall. I think the lighthouse is called Poolbeg lighthouse. I would say wear good shoes, as the sea wall is rather bumpy, it’s made of these giant cobbles! I haven’t done many other coastal walks in the area, still fancy going to Howth, and Dollymount strand.

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