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Crafters Essentials – a nice cup of tea!

Ok, so maybe it isn’t really essential to the crafters haul, but is there a more satisfying way to settle down to an afternoons craft making than with a lovely comforting cuppa? Perhaps the five minutes it takes to make tea is just a sophisticated procrastination method, but nothing else seems to make one feel as simultaneously relaxed and productive as a cup of tea does, which are very good ways to feel when embarking on a serious craft session!

I like tea so much, I made some cards about it!

I don’t think I am entirely alone in believing a cup of tea can enhance the crafting experience, having spotted a number of other fellow crafters announce they are crafting with a cup on their Facebook or Twitter updates.  And for some reason, for me at least,  tea seems to suit crafting better than a cup of coffee.  I tend to associate coffee more with tasks getting done because they need to be done, such as college essays done at the last minute, or office jobs where anyone I know who works in one views their coffee-break as imperative.  Tea seems a bit more laid back somehow, and well suited to tasks that you are doing because you want to be rather than need to be doing.  It does serve as a nice motivation tool though, like a little reward for the work you are doing!

Generally speaking, I favour the bog standard blend of tea, a little on the strong side with a good splash of milk (so it has a nice golden-brown hue) and no sugar.  I like Earl Grey blend too for a bit of variation, but NEVER go for green or herbal blends when I’m crafting.  I don’t know why exactly, but they seem to lack the comfort value of black tea blends, perhaps because I don’t get to add milk!  I like tea most when made in a pot (even more so with loose leaf), although actually I don’t think there is any difference really if you make it straight in the mug.  My Mum is certain it tastes best in bone china, although I think it tastes good in a big builders-style mug too!

Just in case you haven’t guessed already…

*One very useful thing to remember though is to be careful not to spill tea all over your hard work!

Does anyone else have a beverage they favour above all others when they are crafting?  Am I in fact totally misguided and alone in my belief that tea should be the universal drink for craft?!  Feel free to share your thoughts!

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