About Bottleheads

Bottleheads crafts – daft name, here’s the back story

Hello there.  This is an easy one to write about.  Bottleheads crafts is a pretty silly name really, I know that, although I’m not sure that acknowledging this fact makes it in any way better.  But it is quite challenging to come up with a memorable, relevant, and original name… so I didn’t.  Instead, I chose to name my crafting results after  a doodle I used to do in school and college all over my notes and exercise books.

A couple of bottleheads

I was prone to doing nonsense doodles absent mindedly when I was young, and one of my friends happened to find the bottlehead doodle funny (I think.  And when I say ‘funny’, it was more a case of ‘funny/peculiar’ rather than ‘funny/ha ha’).  Essentially, it was a doodle of a bottle with a head on top, usually containing alcohol, with rum and wine being my favourites because they were the only words I could fit on the label.  And that is literally all there is to it.

A bottlehead doodle I found in an old sketchbook


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