About Bottleheads


Hello, I’m Bottleheads crafts.  I’m a bit of a craft-head (self evident from the Bottleheads crafts name I suppose), albeit with a bit of a narrow vision, by which I mean I am so far only capable of making a very specific type of card, and doing a bit of crochet.  The cards I like to make are fairly straightforward in their execution, whereby all I do really is stitch around the outline of a drawing.  It sounds simple enough, because it is, with the only real intricacies coming from measuring and layout.

A recently made card

Making one card usually takes several hours, going from the planning stages, through to making, partly because I stitch them by hand… I make them this way mainly because 1) I don’t have a sewing machine; and 2) I enjoy hand stitching to almost compulsive levels.  I don’t really like using sewing machines that much from what I can recall.  Maybe if I learned how to use one properly I would eventually come to view it with a kind of respect for its usefulness. For the time being however, it’s probably just an unnecessary piece of equipment I would never use, and it would be sad to see it languishing unused in some dusty corner…

I started sewing outlines of drawings a few years back when I was at university.  I had been casting about for ideas of how to say something about memories and the spaces which we inhabit (this was for an art degree.  I wasn’t all that great at it, I’m willing to admit, and I probably got a better grade than I deserved).  I landed on drawing mundane objects from my immediate surroundings onto wallpaper and then sewing their outline.  It was meant to be about capturing the feelings, textures, and what appear as unmemorable objects in an environment, to demonstrate how sometimes the most taken for granted objects in our surroundings can trigger strong feelings and memories associated with a particular time or place.  Or something.  I’m sure I wrote a much more concise and coherent statement about it at the time.  Anyhow, it was quite a good idea really I guess, and I ran with it until the end of the course and our degree show.  I remember clearly the very first drawing I did in this way, it was of an apple next to something that looked a bit like a mug (although in reality I think it was a toilet roll I had been using as tissue for a cold, not because I keep apples in my bathroom or anything weird like that).  I’ve still got that drawing somewhere, probably buried deep in a drawer at my parents house.  This is what it looked like anyway:

And so from that art project, I somehow decided making cards and selling them for half the price of a rum and coke was a good idea.  And I stand by it, I think the sewing lends itself nicely to the decorative sentiments of the humble greeting card.  If I continue to blog, you can look forward to other posts about what a bottlehead is, my own personal attempts at other crafts, and perhaps some of my other ‘interesting’ drawings/doodles that I unearth!

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